Tagran is a gaunt human in his sixties, though he is quite energetic for his age. He has barely any gray hair left on his head, due to the many times his hair got burned off partially.
He can be found in his shop in northwestern Beutels End, which could be best described as a giant, leaky, bucket scrapped together from various metal plates. It may not be the most beautiful shop but it does its best at keeping the explosions and poison fumes of various mishaps/experiments inside the building.


If you ever need potions and paint or poisons and gunpowder, Tagran is your guy! He is the one and only alchemist in Beutels End, simply because the town doesn’t need others. A genius in his field, he can concoct almost any known potion, given he has the materials. Though the many years of working with all kinds of strange and exotic materials may have gone to his mind, as to the normal folk he can seem a tad bit crazy.
Most people tend to stay away from Tagran, due to the explosive nature of his speciality. The gunpowder that he manufactures is one of the most sought after products of various military organizations and adventuring parties. His special blend of gunpowder is in fact so potent that it is, for lack of a better name, called “super gunpowder”.
The only problem potential buyers have to face when dealing with Tagran is that he will reserve his right to not sell his goods to people with ill intents and for some reason he always knows when people do.


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