An age of peace.

Threatened by Madness.

A group of heroes to stand against it.


It's a time of relative peace in the world of Dtreanourgh. The various nations are thriving, as there is no war or open conflicts. But something is stirring in the shadows, word tells of raided villages and kidnapped townsfolk. Most people ignore those rumors and just live their life, as always, but some wary folk speak of a storm to come, that will shake all of Dtreanourgh, devour the peace and throw the land into a new age of chaos and destruction.

In this D&D 5E campaign the players will decide the fate of Dtreanourgh. Entrusted by the ghost of a long dead, forgotten king with the task to regain the stolen artifacts of the kings court, the ragtag group of adventurers soon find themselves in a far bigger story.

Dtreanourgh: Tide of Madness