Bruthwol Coalhauler


A typical short and stocky dwarf with lightly tanned skin and black short hair. Wears normal merchant clothing and carries a handaxe with him for protection. Normally in company of his wagon stocked with goods of all sorts, which is drawn by his two trusty giant lizards.


Bruthwol Coalhauler is a travelling, dwarven merchant. The PC’s first encountered him at the exit of the earth node, which transported them to upper Dtreanourgh. The good natured but profit-oriented dwarf was eager to trade with these strangers and even hired the adventurers to take escort him to Beutels End, where he planned to restock before continuing on to Telmaria. That plan didn’t quite work out, as Beutels End was under attack by a mysterious cult just as they arrived. The last the PC’s heard of him, was that he was on his way to Telmaria.

Bruthwol Coalhauler

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